Book Signing for Utah’s Wasatch Range

Monday, August 20th at Simply Amish of Salt Lake (Furniture Store), there will be a book signing for Utah’s Wasatch Range. This event is sponsored by Peter Metcalf of Black Diamond and Howie Garber. The majority of the authors (Mayor Becker, Congressman Matheson, Stephen Trimble, Andrew McLean, Peter Metcalf, Gale Dick, Joan Degiorgio, et all) will be there. We will have a digital presentation, photography exhibit, food and beverage and of course book signing. Speakers include Major Ralph Becker, Dr. Gale Dick, and Stephen Trimble.

Our hope is that this event will encourage dialogue surrounding the future of the Wasatch and be a springboard to raise the community’s awareness of conservation issues.
If you would like to attend, please call (801.272.2134), email, or visit my Facebook page to RSVP.

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