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Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge is a book of fine art photography with essays by 18 authors including Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Congressman Jim Matheson, Stephen Trimble, and Andrew McLean. The spirit of this collaboration is to protect the remaining natural areas and watershed of the Wasatch Mountains. Howie Garber has photographed the Wasatch for 25 years and received national and international awards for his images. The photographs of wildlife, alpine scenery, and  the human element share the diversity and splendor of a unique place.

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While reading these essays and ruminating over my 40 wondrous years in the Wasatch, I am haunted by Joni Mitchell’s song, Big Yellow Taxi (1970). “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. They’ve paved paradise to put up a parking lot with a pink hotel…”

Table of Contents from Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge

  • A Legacy of Watershed Stewardship by Jeff Niermeyer: Director of SLC Public Utilities
  • Geological Story Told by the Peaks, Cliffs, and Canyons of the Wasatch Mountains  by Bill Parry, Prof Emeritus of Geology, Univ of Utah
  • A Tale of Love, Loss and Redemption; Redemption being Optional by Joan Degiorgio
  • Natural History and Biodiversity by Allison Jones, Biologist who works with Wild Utah Project
  • Wasatch Weather, Powder Skiing, and the Future of the Greatest Snow on Earth by Jim Steenburgh PhD, Professor Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  • Albion Basin: The Gem of the Wasatch Mountain Range by Friends Of Alta
  • Wasatch Waters: Threatened Oasis by Zach Frankel, Director Utah Rivers Council
  • Wild Terrace by Stephen Trimble, author and editor of 21 books
  • Loss of Foothills by Sarah L. Bennett, author of several books and activist

Economics: Dollars and Sense: Intro by Brad Barber, Former Senior Economic Advisor, State of Utah

  • Salt Lake’s Treasure by Mayor Ralph Becker, Mayor of SLC and environmental planner.
  • The Wasatch: Economic Pillar of our Quality of Life by Peter Metcalf , CEO, Black Diamond  Equipment
  • Wilderness Section: Intro by Carl Fisher, Executive Director, Save Our Canyons
  • Utah’s First Wilderness: Lone Peak by Alexis Kelner, renowned local author
  • Hard to imagine the Wasatch without Save Our Canyons by Howie Garber, nature photographer &project coordinator and  Gale Dick PhD, founder of Save Our Canyons
  • Wilderness & Watershed by Rep. Jim Matheson, U.S. Congressman

Skiing Section: Intro by Tom Wharton, outdoor writer Salt Lake Tribune

  • A Global Skiing Perspective: How Does the Wasatch Compare?  by Andrew McLean, well- known local author and ski guide who has skied on 7 continents
  • Wild Wasatch by Brooke Williams, author of 4 books and well known conservationist
  • The Wasatch Mountain Club: One Hundred Years of Recreation and Conservation By Alexis Kelner, Author and Historian
  • Gaza Strip of Snow by Andrew McLean, well -known local author and ski guide who has skied on 7 continents

Planning for the Future: Intro by Mayor Ralph Becker

  • Preserving Recreation Future by Howie Garber, nature photographer and project coordinator
  • A Promise for Generations by Rick Reese, author, book publisher, Founder of Greater Yellowstone Coalition and driving force behind Bonneville Shoreline Trail
  • Lost Eden by Gale Dick PhD, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of Graduate School, University of Utah, Founder of Save Our Canyons
  • Pass Down The Gift by Brooke Hopkins, PhD. and Peggy Battin, M.F.A., PhD