Testimonials & Endorsements

Below are endorsements for Howie Garber’s large-format photography book, “Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge” and for Howie’s fine art photography and digital presentations.

The Wasatch Mountains raised me growing up in Salt Lake City; our spine of great beauty and strength. They were also my husband’s first love, passion, and ongoing obsession. And when winter arrived and the snows fell, these peaks became my one source of jealousy, the third party in our marriage. Even so, the Wasatch Mountains are a love worth sharing, and Utah’s Wasatch Range is definitely a book worth sharing.
- Terry Tempest Williams, author of “Refuge” and “When Women Were Birds”


The Wasatch Mountains have long deserved a book by a great photographer, and this is the best one ever done on this amazing range. Howie Garber has amassed a lifetime of stellar images and gathered some of the finest writing talent around to help tell the story of the majesty of this range of beautiful light and also the flora, fauna and humans who interact with it. Lovers of these great peaks, and there are many, will treasure this collection of words and photographs as a fitting tribute to our Wasatch Range, a home of inspiration and wonder.
- Tom Till, professional landscape photographer


After reading the essays and savoring the photos by Howie Garber within, you will understand why so many people are passionate about preserving this special place for future generations to enjoy.
- Andrew McLean, ski guide and author


Find out how Salt Lake City watershed has become the Gaza strip of powder skiing! The Wasatch Canyons sustain millions each year spiritually and physically. This book examines this legacy (and the future) through 18 eloquent essays and fine photography.
- Tom Wharton, author and outdoor columnist, The Salt Lake Tribune


For the opening celebration at the Utah Museum of Natural History’s exhibit America’s Wildest Places, Howie Garber generously shared his stories and remarkable images in a travelogue to the wild places he has documented. It was a treat for UMNH audiences to see these gorgeous photographs and to hear about Garber’s insatiable spirit of adventure.
- Becky Menlove, Director of Exhibits and Public Programs, Utah Museum of Natural History


Howie presented a picture journey which was as inspirational as it was beautiful. His talent and eye for photography is unparalleled, and we are lucky to have such a gifted photographer and physician among us.
- Scott E. McIntosh, MD, MPH, Editor-in-Chief of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal, Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine


“Thank you so very much for the two copies of Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge.  The recent newspaper article and the website simply can’t do justice to the book.  Actually holding it in my hands and going through it page by page is like cradling a treasure.

I’ve enclosed a check for another one”

Stephen Moss


As one who has attended more than one of Dr. Garber’s community slide shows, I whole-heartedly recommend these to anyone concerned about our environment and the world in which we all live. Dr. Garber has a unique way of capturing our beautiful landscape – the wildlife and people with which we share this precious earth with. His stories of travel and the intimate stories related to the photograph/prints and his ability to tell these captivating stories makes for a wonderful educational experience!
- Steve Ipsen, Director, Clinical Services Utah, Dept. of Health


Howie Garber produces the kind of photos that create an involuntary second glance. He uses techniques that bring out the best a photo has to offer. As a result I have started a modest collection of his work which I enjoy on a daily basis.
- John G. Peterson


Howie Garber’s photographic work on his current book, Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge brings both passion and talent to the printed page. His photography and conservation efforts of protecting Utah’s crown jewel, the Wasatch Range has been documented both on film and digital mediums for over 25 years
-Jeff Vanuga, professional photographer


Howie Garber has done numerous assignments for The Conservation Fund, providing outstanding photography of our land protection projects. Howie’s gorgeous imagery has been extremely helpful to The Conservation Fund. His work has appeared in our annual reports, in grant applications, and in our publicity efforts and has increased the profile of our conservation efforts.
- Brad Meiklejohn Alaska Representative, The Conservation Fund


The Wasatch Mountains in winter rival or surpass the most beautiful landscapes North America has to offer and the exquisite images by Howie Garber truly does this region justice. Howie’s passion for wilderness, for outdoor sports, and for photography has taken him around the world but the Wasatch holds a special hold on Howie, reflected in the passion of his work. Images of knife-edged ridge tops on an icy dawn, hidden mountain valleys captured in the reflection of a tarn, or a snowboarder sailing above thick powder not only illustrate the rugged beauty of the country but the enormous effort involved in making these images. Each image in the portfolio is a standalone masterpiece.
- Joe McDonald, professional nature photographer


Howie has captured some of the most wonderful places on earth through his lens. He has given numerous presentations at our events around town to packed houses, and explains the importance of protecting these endangered landscapes. Howie is very knowledgeable about his subjects and is a lively story teller. Through these presentations, each one of his still photos comes to life.
- Carl Fisher, Executive Director, Save Our Canyons